We are so happy that you have chosen Agile Ticketing Solutions as your ticketing provider for your organization and know that you are ready to get started using our software. First, for security purposes we would like to ask you to help us with identifying each expert within your organization, we have a web form that provides our team with contact information for each key leaders so that we can communicate more efficiently with them. Click here to complete the contact assignment form. Complete as many fields as possible.


As a PRO level client you will have access to the Agile Ticketing Solutions desktop application. Before installing the application you will need to check the system requirements. Next, you should be able to go to and click the download icon next to Agile Ticketing Install. For more information on how to download the software click on the link below.

Installing Agile Ticketing


Now you are ready to begin creating your other user account. These accounts are for other the people that will be working in the software. Click the link below to learn how to create your users.

Creating New Users in Web Portal

You should have already created your personal user profile and filled in the information for your organization. However, if you need to make changes to these profiles you can do so once you are in the web portal. Click the links below to learn how to edit your profile and your organization’s information page.

Managing and Updating a User Profile

How Do I Edit My Organization Page


Next, you can start building your show, showings, or events. Depending upon your organization you may choose to build one off events or multiple shows and showings. If you have multiple shows or events you are able to import them all in at the same time through our amazing import process. Click the links below to learn more about building Shows, Showings, and events.

In the Agile Web Portal

Building an Event in Web Portal

Building a Show in Web Portal

Adding a Showing in Web Portal

Editing a Showing or Event

In the Agile Application:

Building an Individual Event

Building an Individual Show

Importing Shows

Importing Showings

Importing Events


As a Pro client not only do you have access to the Agile Ticketing Solutions Application you can also build catalog items and a pass program. Catalog items allow you sell concessions, merchandise, and more at the venue as well as online. A pass program is primarily used by film festivals and allows the festival to set up specific benefits for access to specific films or special events. To learn how to build your catalog items or pass program click the links below.

Catalog Items

Creating Concessions/ Merchandise Catalog Items

Selling Concessions/Merchandise in AMS

Pass Program

Building Festival Pass Program

Selling a New Pass in AMS


Before you go on into the web portal we would like for you know about the helpful resources you as an Agile Ticketing Solutions customer have available to you. First, you can visit our knowledge base where we have over 200 help articles that you can search through. We also have a community where you can go and ask your questions to all the other Agile Ticketing Solutions clients (click the link below to learn how to join the community). You can also email our support team at, and finally, we provide 24×7 critical support so if anything goes wrong with the system we are always there to help. Call us at 615-360-6700

Visit the Knowledge Base

Create your Zendesk account and Join the Community